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Reviews for Sunrise Health Institute

What Our Patients Say . . .

I Am Without Pain For The First Time

I’m not going to lie. I really thought this wasn’t worth anything in my mind I thought it was voodoo. But I am without pain for the first time I couldn’t tell you. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone that is having any back pain to give it a try. I am a true fan and will continue.

Darrin J.

I Love The Technique Being Used

I love the technique being used. It’s not scary like when you hear a pop. I find it relaxing and relief after. This is only my second visit and was impressed when I came back to find I have gained a little more movement and my percentage rate went up. I am confident about this technique. The staff is WONDERFUL!

Tracey E.

Very Significant Pain Relief

I have experienced chronic pain for 18 years and was a little skeptical as to whether neuro cranial integration would work for me. I knew I did NOT want to do the “crack your back” chiropractic treatment that most chiropractic offices in the area provide. My massage therapist suggested I try NCI with Dr. Matt and Eden. The evening after Eden did my first treatment, I began to feel VERY SIGNIFICANT pain relief, even experiencing some hours the following days without the constant severe pain! Pain has taken too much of my time/energy/life. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Matt and Eden to alleviate and hopefully eliminate the chronic pain forever!

Lynn H.

Saw Improvements Immediately

Wouldn’t go anywhere else to treat our daughter’s severe scoliosis. They answered any questions we had and eased our concerns we had about her back. We saw improvements immediately. Our daughter looks forward to her visits!

Greer H.

Exceeded Expectations

Everything has been great – scheduling, the helpfulness and ease of talking with the staff has exceeded expectations. Would recommend Sunrise Health Institute to anyone and everyone!

Kate C.

Look Forward To Doing Business With You

I really liked Matt from the first time I met him at his practice. He seems like a real stand up guy and isn’t just super doctorish. I know that’s not a real word but I think Matt will understand it. That’s what I like about him. Besides that I think he really understands his business. When I found out he was a Christian I felt a stronger connection with him. I try to find doctors and people of in every line of work who are Christians like myself. It’s awesome to know that the people on my life team are people who serve God. Thanks Matt. I really look forward to doing business with you. God bless.

David S.


I was extremely pleased with the staff and Doctor. They are very professional and explained every step as we went along. It was good to have answers as to what my condition was, as well as knowing condition can be corrected.

Debbie S.


I couldn’t be happier! Dr. Matt answered all of my questions and was able to explain why I was experiencing pain in the areas that I was. I’m so happy to be feeling better!

Melisah B.


I was able to be seen rather quickly due to my problems. The care of doctor and staff was a lot more than I expected. This is the first time I have been to a chiropractor in my 49 years and I am encouraged this will help me.

Chris M.


Dr. Allen and his staff have helped me a great deal. I highly recommend Sunrise Health Institute. A friendly welcome and appointments always on time. Thanks to all.

John P.

Professional And Friendly

Dr. Allen explained superbly my situation and how he could help me to a place of better health. He took the time to explain everything in a way I could understand. His staff is very professional and friendly. I would recommend this clinic to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Paula L.


I have suffered with migraines since I was 16. Now at 56 I can say I only have little headaches now and again when the weather acts up. Dr Matt Allen took my migraine away about a year ago and wow I have not had one since. I go regularly as does my husband. I have more energy than I did before going. I recommend this type of chiropractic to everyone. I always feel so much better after going. Another plus is I am not sick! My sick bank at work is maxed out and overflowing. This is a must!

Sherry P.

Sunrise Health Institute | (405) 707-3050